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We might think that choice is a good thing, until we have to make a difficult decision. Still, if we have a wide variety of options we do have a good chance of choosing something that works out well. And if we do some research beforehand, we can usually make a well-informed choice. 

Choosing a travel bag isn't exactly a life or death matter, but a poorly chosen bag may ruin a vacation, especially if it is the only bag that we take. And if we travel frequently we will be forced to either buy a new bag, or live with our original bad choice.

What to Look For - Bag Shops Sydney 

Size and weight -

Everybody prefers a lighter bag, but this is a trade-off with size and durability. We do have an advantage today that modern materials, such as carbon fibre, polycarbonate, and ABS, are much lighter than older materials of similar strength and durability. So we can have a reasonably light bag that is strong enough for most situations.

Another modern advantage is cases on wheels. It is obviously easier to pull a wheeled bag at the airport than carry a similar bag of the same weight. Unfortunately, this advantage disappears on rough terrain, and we may be forced to carry the bag on occasion.

Features –

Will you need a lot of pockets and compartments? Do you need to access at least some of these from the outside, without opening the main part of the bag?

Will you need locks on all those compartments? Remember that locks need to be accessible to airport security; you cannot just add a padlock, or they will forcibly remove it.

Price –

We are all on a budget. And we know that quality and price tend to correlate. The more expensive item tends to last longer. But it is not always that simple. There are expensive items that are not suitable for our situation. And there are moderate-priced items that perform quite well.

If you only travel on rare occasions then the cheaper bag might be a good option if it is only used once. Alternately, you can buy the expensive item and sell it when you return. Name-brand luggage will get a reasonably good second-hand price.

What You Need -

A large bag that is half-full is a lousy situation. Make sure you know what you will be travelling with in advance, and buy the bag accordingly. Perhaps allow 10% extra for the last-minute unknown items.

Think Creatively –

Depending on where you travel you can buy some things at your destination. You can also leave some things behind when you return. This works well if you stay at one destination, but not if you plan to backpack to several places.

Buy several pairs of matching socks when you go on vacation, and then give them to charity bins on the last day of the trip. Buy some cheap shoes at your destination, and perhaps give them away.

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